How long is the Augustine College program?

The Augustine College programme is divided in two in two distinct, yet related programmes of 4 months each (September to December and January to April).

How many weeks of classes are there?

There are 13 weeks of classes in each of the two programmes. In the fall and the winter programmes, this is followed by one week of exams. In the winter section there is a Reading Week, with no lectures, in the third week of February. In sum, there are 26 full weeks of classes, plus 1 reading week and 2 exam weeks.

When does the next academic year begin?

The program runs from the Monday after Labour Day, in September, to, usually, the last Saturday in April, with a 3-week break at Christmas.

Are there electives?

Because Augustine College follows the ancient model of higher education, focused on knowledge important to the life of any human being, electives have not been created.

Can students enrol in part of the academic program, or take single courses?

Students may enrol in one of the two programmes (the fall section or the winter sessions); they may also sign up for courses individually.

Does Augustine College have accreditation?

As a college offering two distinct, yet related four-month programmes, Augustine College is ineligible to receive accreditation and does not qualify as a designated learning institute in Canada.

However, this does not reflect on the quality of the courses offered at this College, as is evidenced by their recognition of our credits at accredited institutions and by the esteem in which our students are held.

As Augustine College was conceived to offer an educational alternative to the large university, our enrolment will always be well below that number, making us ineligible for membership in the AUCC. Instead of accreditation we have transfer agreements with a growing list of universities keen to have our students.
For more information see: accreditation.

What are transfer agreements?

We have an alternative accreditation through the recognition and acceptance of our courses at larger, established, degree-granting universities and colleges in both Canada and the United States. Some of these universities grant Augustine College graduates the equivalent of one-and-a-half years of credit at their university. If there is a college or university you plan to attend after Augustine, let us know and we can establish with that institution what credits it will accept. It is our experience that almost all our full courses are granted credit, while seminar courses may not be exchangeable credits.