Students admitted to Augustine College are expected to function at a university level. Considerable weight is given to the written skills demonstrated in the academic submission and the verbal skills demonstrated in the interview component of the application.

Despite the high demands of each of our two programmes, students who do well at Augustine College are not only those who come to us with top marks. The keys to success here are a desire to learn and dedication through good work habits.

We have accepted students from home-schooling and public-school backgrounds, and students who have already earned university degrees have come to Augustine College and acquired an entirely new outlook on higher learning. 

We speak from experience in saying that anyone who understands the purpose of this college and who sincerely desires to work and to learn will benefit from our program.


The following can be submitted in any order. To email use To send by mail use the information from our Contact page.

1 | Completed Application Form (complete online or download and mail or scan and email the completed form). Applicants can apply for one programme or both at the same time.

2 | Completed Academic Submission (see questions here). Send by by mail or email.

3 | Transcripts and/or other official records of academic achievement. Include a copy of all transcripts (high school, college, university, as applicable). Augustine College, like most Canadian educational institutions, doesn't require SAT's, but we do welcome them. Home-schooled students should send a detailed record of courses completed and marks. Send by mail or email.

4 | At least Two Letters of Recommendation, one providing a personal character reference and one attesting to the student's academic potential. The reference letters do not have to follow any particular format and can be sent by the writer by mail, email, or by the applicant as a hardcopy (preferably in a sealed envelope with the writer's signature along the seal).

5 | Non-refundable Application Fee of $50 (Canadian funds for Canadian citizens, US funds for American citizens, not required for all others). Send by mail. 

6 | After receipt of the above information, the College will contact applicants to arrange for an Interview (to be conducted by telephone where applicants are unable to visit the College).


Class size is limited to 25 students. There is no application deadline – however, preference is given to applications received by March 15. Applications for the following year are normally considered beginning November 1.

Student Status of Foreign Nationals & Minors Entering Canada

Since Augustine College is not an accredited “designated learning institution” as defined by Immigration Canada, it therefore falls under the status of “courses of general interest or self-improvement”. As such, students taking Augustine College’s Autumn and Winter programmes are considered “Visitors” to Canada under the current immigration rules.

As a Visitor, depending on the foreign national’s citizenship, a Temporary Resident Visa, or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), may be required for temporary residents seeking to come to Canada. For American citizens, however, neither a Temporary Resident Visa nor an Electronic Travel Authorization are required.  A valid US passport, however, is necessary. For other foreign nationals,  the College recommends that applicants consult the government of Canada’s website to apply under either of these two statuses in order to gain entry into Canada.

Additionally, for minors (persons under 18 years of age in Ontario), foreign nationals need to be aware of the necessary documentation required to be completed before entering Canada.  If a minor is under 17 years of age more documentation is required.

photo by Jason Pratt