Though the time students spend at Augustine College is brief, it can have a significant impact on their life thereafter. Using the links to the left, you will find names of alumni, where they find themselves today, and reflections about their time at the College. There is also an Augustine College Facebook page open to anyone who would like to ask questions or interact with alumni and friends of the College.

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t h e   c l a s s   o f   2 0 1 3

Sarah Beattie
Elizabeth Comninellis
James Comninellis (valedictory address)
Jaycee Cruz
Joel Gamble
Henry Gray
Annalise Harrison
Brian Hempel
Scott Hogeveen
Otto Langmoen
B.J. Linton
Kaylyn Madany
Josh Roose
Ben Siffring
Elise Wouters
Eric Yeong



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t h e   c l a s s   o f   2 0 1 2

Galen-Marie Armstrong
Danielle Baillargeon
James Baturin
Pete Boersma
Ben Candy (valedictory address)
Kwame Frimpong
Andre Geleynse
Rachel Lacy
Zach Lantz
Nathaniel McCarthy
Wills Mutschmann
Elisa Riegel
Suzanne Roberts
Naomi Roche
Abigail Sanderson
Michael Stanton
Bethany Stroup
Kirsten Tarves
Tom Umhau
Jonathan Vander Hout



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t h e   c l a s s   o f   2 0 1 1

Jessie Breault
Maddie Edmonds
Nathan Gamble
Adam Gsellman
Daniel Harris
Laura Harris (valedictory address)
Elle Harrison
Katie Hayman
Benjamin Holler
James Horsley
Stefan Koppert
Shannon Leenstra
Jonathan Madany
Patrick Moynihan
Alisha Ring
Jon Schwarz
Carolyn Siffring
Luke Tia
Adam White
Kayla Wiebe
Jenna Wilson



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t h e   c l a s s   o f   2 0 1 0

Benjamin Boyd
Beth Joosse
Lara Lavelle (valedictory address)
Korey Mauer
Tom Scott
Samuel Smith
Matthew Staples
Nathan Tilley



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t h e   c l a s s   o f   2 0 0 9

Karen Ainsley
Sarah Austine
Zach Candy
Sarah Harrison (valedictory address)
Samantha Kiser
Joel Lendore
Kyle Podruzny
David Wijsman



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t h e   c l a s s   o f   2 0 0 8

Stephen Allore
Benjamin Ankenmann
McMaster University | Engineering
Trevor Bain
Simon Fraser University | English Literature & Philosophy
Landon Coleman
Augustine College | Recruitment Officer
St. Francis Xavier University | English
Starr Driedger
Saskatoon | Medical school
Jennifer Holmes
Denver | Internal Medicine Residency
Southwestern Medical school
Stephanie Hough
Lane Community College | English Literature
Susan Lamb
Rachel Mayer
New St. Andrew's
Rosemary McKernan
St. Francis Xavier University | Philosophy
Jonathan Randoy
Augustine College | Communications Officer
Married Nancy Perritt in 1992, four children
Nathan Rosentrater
Messiah College, PA | English
Peter Running
Purdue University | Mechanical Engineering
Jasmine Stairs
Working in Newfoundland
Kendra Swallow
Algonquin College | Library science


First, I want to thank Augustine as a whole for how much I learned. Augustine College prepared me for this year at school more than I could have hoped for, and I believe I matured faster at Augustine than I could have in any other situation.  It really is an incredible school and I hope that it continues to have a lasting impact in student's lives.... If I had come straight into Engineering after high school there is no way I would have the marks I do.  Again, thanks goes to Augustine.

B E N J A M I N  A N K E N M A N N

Augustine College was an amazing experience that helped me to grow spiritually and intellectually. Throughout college and medical school, I mainly saw education in practical terms: will this help me get a job? As a result, I didn't see any of my classes as relevant to character development or to a deeper understanding of the world. In medical school I realized that most of what I had been trained to do was to memorize and regurgitate information, without stopping to contemplate which information was important, how it should be used in medicine, or even where the information came from. I was not prepared to engage in the personal, moral, and spiritual aspects of medicine. When I heard Dr. Patrick speak on medical ethics and the changes happening in health care, I knew that he was someone I had to spend time with, so I went to Augustine. When I arrived, I was amazed that all of the classes challenged me to think in new ways, especially the philosophy class with Dr. Tingley. In his class, we learned about the "big questions" of life. What is happiness, what is the purpose of life, how do we decide what is right and wrong? In combination with the historical perspective provided by the rest of the program, the thought processes I learned at Augustine have enabled me to engage in ethical conversations at a new level. I have a whole set of tools from the history of ideas that have encouraged me in learning how best to integrate my faith with my everyday life and the culture around me.

J E N N I F E R  H O L M E S


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T h e   c l a s s   o f   2 0 0 7

David Bassett
Liam Kinnon
St. Francis Xavier University
David McKernan
St. Francis Xavier University
Kevin Millington
Ruth Rosentrater
Gordon College, MA | Head Volleyball Coach  



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t h e   c l a s s   o f   2 0 0 6

Shannon Ashton
Jean-Pierre Bourget
Roslyn Brain
DAI Organizational Leadership MA
Kathmandu, Nepal | Pastoral Care Coordinator
Pieter Hak
University of Alberta | Biochemistry MA
Leah Hovdestad
St. Francis Xavier University
Levi Karpa
Allison Lefler
University of Ottawa
Reuben Lindeman
Chance Pahl
Trinity Western University
Luke Patient
University of Arizona | Classical Philology MA
University of Pennsylvania 
Joel Reinhardt
Policy Advisor to the Minister of State for Seniors
Special Assistant Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff '09
Graduate of Laurentian Leadership Centre
Trinity Western University | Philosophy BA
Roger Revell
 Oxford University
Erica Roebbelen (valedictory address)
McMaster University 
Matthew VanMilligen
St. Francis Xavier University


The end of the term at Augustine was quite an experience; it stretched me "like gold to airy thinness beat". The last several weeks at Augustine really saw the students pull together as a community. Bonds were knotted that had, to that point, remained loosely joined, and my eyes were opened to the praise of Jesus and his plans that were at work among us all along. Academically, we finally reached the place in all of our classes that tied the threads of thought we had been following to the modern iterations amongst which we are so used to living. I believe that something happened to me at this time that has floored me in awe: the complexities of the predicament this world is in are so great that I can only wonder at the mind of God who directs it all according to his will. "For who has known the mind of the Lord or who has been his counselor?" "His ways are higher than our ways and his thoughts higher than our thoughts." I have only been able to describe the internal effects of my year at Augustine as the throwing up of piles upon piles of dust into the air. The cloud of confusion is so great that I'm not sure where I will find the earth piled when it all settles down. It was the most concentrated learning environment I have ever experienced, and my time there was a great joy to me.

L U K E   P A T I E N T

It was a privilege and a blessing to have been invited to study at Augustine college in the 2005-2006 academic year. The Augustine programme holds true to its promise of offering a broad glance at the Western tradition and inspires continued reading for those who embrace this area of study. An honest and challenging approach to the history of our culture is what awaits those who attend!

R O G E R   R E V E L L


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t h e   c l a s s   o f   2 0 0 5

Joy Abbott
Medford, Oregon
Cassandra Betts
University of Chicago | Arts
Applying to medical school
Shane Caldwell
University of Chicago | Physics PhD
Jordan Carter
University of Ottawa
Jesse Dunning
Trinity Western University | Political Science & History
Ilona Gadeliya
Jessica Hook
James Likoudis
 Hillsdale College, MI
Matthew McCormick
Toronto, Ontario
Chelsea Miller
The King's College, NY
David Rosentrater
Messiah College, PA | Philosophy
Jordan Van Hartingsveldt



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t h e   c l a s s   o f   2 0 0 4

Graeme Appleyard
University of Ottawa | Biology
Kirsten Appleyard
McGill | Biology & Languages
Devon Crick
University of Ottawa or Carleton, planning to go into Law
Madeleine Curry
University of British Columbia | Art History
Jared Karpa
Janiece Loyd
University of Dallas | Medical School, home-schooling
Attended Augustine with husband Joshua, expecting fifth child
Joshua Loyd (valedictory address)
Texas | Teaching and medical director of a free clinic
Attended Augustine with wife Janiece, expecting fifth child
Ryan Loyd
University of Dallas | Medical School
Joel Morehouse
St. Thomas Aquinas College, CA | Classical Studies
Janice Pringle
Carleton University | English Honours, MA
Daniel Ragonesi
Grove City College, PA | Engineering
Married Christina Berdos in 2008
Michael Reiger
Portland State University | Mechanical Engineering
Elliot Rossiter 
Ottawa, Ontario
Georgia Tabler
Red Deer College, AB | Pharmaceutical Studies



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t h e   c l a s s   o f   2 0 0 3

Amy Anderson (valedictory address)
Dalhousie Law School, Halifax
Elisabeth (Batchelder) Akers
Ohio | Federal trial court clerk
Married Matt in 2004
Myra Cottle
Trinity Western University | Science
Jasmine Curry
St. Stephen's University | Literature & History
Challis Elkink
University of Alberta | English
Alicia (Hobart) Bing
St. Stephen’s University, NB | Literature
Samuel McLoughlin
Baylor University
Rachel Sissons
Trinity Western University | Applied Linguistics
Jessica Weixler
Houghton College


My summer was spent seeing the wonders of Western Civilization in Europe. The history and thinking habits that I learned at Augustine made the experience richer than I ever thought possible.

A L I C I A   H O B A R T


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t h e   c l a s s   o f   2 0 0 2

Caleb Cohoe (valedictory address)
Princeton University | Philosophy
Joy Hanna
University of Toronto, Victoria College | Humanities
Jenna Nace
University of Calgary | Classics
Julia Redekop
McMaster University | Philosophy
Stephen Slater
Hebrew University, Israel | Jewish Studies MA
Involved with Students for Sudanese Refugees



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t h e   c l a s s   o f   2 0 0 1

Luke Anderson
Franklin & Marshall College | History and Biology
Naomi Barrett
Erika (Bassler) Kidd
Baylor University | Philosophy MA
Married Augustine classmate David
Jason Baxter
University of Dallas | Classics & Modern Languages
Geoffrey Busbridge
Married Augustine classmate Kyra
Jason Connolly
University of Arkansas | Classics
Travis Dumsday (valedictory address)
Carleton University | Philosophy & Political Science
Hugh Hunter
University of Toronto | Philosophy PhD (Epicurean free will theory)
David Kidd
Web development and faculty support ISI
Baylor University | Philosophy
Married Augustine classmate Erika
Jacob LeMaster
University of Arkansas | Film
Mark Mann
Kyra (Matsui) Busbridge
Self-employed making jewellery
Married Augustine classmate Geoffrey
Rebekah Sutherland-Flowers
Eastman School of Music


David and I got married this summer. I'm at Baylor University still, studying Philosophy, Latin, German, Literature and General Liberal Arts with a view towards graduate school in philosophy. I am still particularly interested in the problems of rhetoric (especially in Augustine, Kierkegaard, etc.).

E R I K A   K I D D

I have graduated from the University of Arkansas witha a degree in Classics and in German, after spending a year studying in Germany. This next year I will be working in fulltime college ministry with Campus Crusade for Christ on the University of Arkansas campus. '06

J A S O N   C O N N O L L Y

I'm currently entering my third year at Carleton University, doing a double major in philosophy and political science. If all goes well, I hope to go to grad school in philosophy in a couple of years, with the eventual goal of teaching. I'm also very involved with pro-life activism... My year at Augustine was truly a blessing, and I continue to benefit from the intellectual, spiritual and social formation fostered there. '03

T R A V I S   D U M S D A Y

I was able to spend the last two summers in Europe studying German language and voice in Mannheim, Salzburg, and Graz. I learned a ton and had many good performance opportunities. This fall I am beginning my MM degree in opera performance and voice performance and literature at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY. Last spring I produced my first CD, an album of sacred songs called My Song is Love Unknown I have taken up classical guitar and fencing as my latest hobbies. '05

R E B E K A H   S U T H E R L A N D


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t h e   c l a s s   o f   2 0 0 0

Jessica Bozeman
Lawrence University | Vocal Performance and Art History
Joshua Burnett
Married Augustine classmate Meredith November 12, 2006
Joel Geleynse
Pursuing a career in music
Tim Hanna
University of Toronto | Faculty of Medicine
Meredith (Humphrey) Burnett
Carleton University | Philosophy
Married Augustine classmate Joshua November 12, 2006
Geoffrey Johnson
Carleton University | Computer Studies
Lydia (Lanigan) Nieminen
Michelle Leigh
Studying in Ottawa
Kealy Mann
Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine
Natalie Papazian
Brooke Pederson
Trinity Western University | Art Education
Tosh Sinclair
University of Ottawa | Biology
Sonja Spaetzel
Trinity Western Universit | Communications
Lucy Staal


I love Augustine College because it is a place for growing. I grew intellectually, in my relationship with other people, and in my relationship with God.

J E S S I C A   B O Z E M A N

I had the opportunity to experience Tyndale College, Redeemer University, work in Christian radio and television, lead a youth group, skate to Christian music for the lunchtime crowd in the food-court of Cambridge mall where they have an ice pad, travel in my VW van around U.S. andCanada doing Christian music concerts,and record my first album.... My aspirations/sense of calling clearly lies in evangelism through the arts... '03

J O E L   G E L E Y N S E

To be a part of Augustine College is not merely to go to school -- it is to be part of a living, loving, vibrant Christian community of students, staff, faculty and friends of the College.

T I M   H A N N A

Augustine offers the chance to embark upon a quest for intellectual and spiritual truth in the context of both a present-day and a historical Christian community.

M E R E D I T H   H U M P H R E Y

I loved Augustine College because of the teachers and the students, both past and present.

G E O F F R E Y   J O H N S O N

Augustine was such an amazing experience because it is not about useless facts or man's empty philosophies, but learning to love God with all of your mind and being part of a very close Christian community.

M I C H E L L E   L E I G H

At Augustine College we are taught many things, but I think none are as important as the passion for knowledge and faith, which shines through in the passion that the professors and staff show in their teachings, and for their students.

K E A L Y   M A N N


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t h e   c l a s s   o f   1 9 9 9

Alice Constantinou
Dominican College | Philosophy
University of Ottawa | Information Studies
Meghan Elkink
Opened own clinic in Medicine Hat Alberta
University of Alberta | Family Medicine
Sarah (Kidd) MacDonald
Married to Rodney May 7, 2011
Nuyanne MacLean
Julie (Siemans) Osborne
University of Ottawa | English
Rebecca Walker
University of Ottawa | English & Latin Studies



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t h e   c l a s s   o f   1 9 9 8

Jessica Bigelow
Hillsdale College | Mediaeval Studies
Kristen Costello
University of Ottawa | English
Rachel (De Haan) Geleynse
Richard Brancker Research Technology | Admin Assistant
Married Augustine classmate Bart August 14, 1999
Bart Geleynse
Richard Brancker Research Technology | Electronic Engineering
Married Augustine classmate Rachel August 14, 1999
Jessica Haak
Fanshawe College in London | Graphic design
Andrew Hackett
Carleton University | Psychology
Leah (Hackett) Smith
Laurentian University | Midwifery Program
University of Ottawa | Philosophy & Psychology
Married Augustine classmate James July 20, 2002
Michelle Hoffman
University of Toronto | History & Philosophy of Science and Technology MA
Rachel Johnson
University of California at Santa Barbara | Art History, PhD
Joseph Kidd
Married to Susie
Graham Mann
University of Ottawa | Philosophy MA
Matthew Mann (valedictory address)
Helped to found St. Timothy's Classical Academy in 2004
Jody (Moerman) Faber
Redeemer | English, Religion, & Theology MA
Married to Ryan June 22, 2002
Andre Nimigan
University of Western Ontario | post-grad in Reconstructive Surgery
Greg Papazian
University of Waterloo | Philosophy
James Smith
Abbott Point-of-Care | Research Scientist
Married Augustine classmate Leah July 20, 2002
Edward Speyers
Calvin College | Computer Science & Philosophy 


In the beginning I never imagined that the experience would be so thrilling... I thought it would just be a year of transition between high school and university. Augustine College will influence the whole rest of my life, intellectually, socially and morally.

K R I S T E N   C O S T E L L O

I would be a great deal further from the person I hope to become without my year with the profs and students at Augustine College.

A N D R E   N I M I G A N

The wide breadth of knowledge that I was exposed to at Augustine College will enrich my life intellectually and spiritually for years and years to come.

G R E G   P A P A Z I A N

The opportunity to study among others of like mind became irresistible, even to the point that Augustine College was the only school to which I applied for my first year of University.

E D   S P E Y E R S

I have left start an MA/PhD program in Art History at the University of Toronto. I never would have thought that David Jeffrey's History of Art and Theology in the Christian West would have set me on this path '03

R A C H E L   J O H N S O N


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