2016-17 fees
Fall Programme
Winter Programme
Both Programmes
Full Credit
Individual Courses (see list)


Tuition fees are competitive with other institutions providing a comparable calibre of teaching, with faculty-student ratios of 1:25 or better.

Students also cover the cost of required books, though many course texts are supplied at no charge.

For each programme, $750 is due upon acceptance and is normally non-refundable. The remaining fees for a programme are due the first day of classes for the programme.

Homeschooling families are afforded a $200 discount for a single course, taken outside of the regular eight-month program.


Housing needs of students are met by space at the College and additional rental accommodation in the area. The residences are not co-ed and out-of-town students are expected to live in residence.

Each student is provided with a bed and mattress, dresser, desk with light, and chair. Students are self-supervising with the support of a designated Resident Advisor and are responsible for their own cooking in a fully-equipped kitchen. Every effort is made to provide a supportive community for the students.

The residence fee includes utilities, high-speed internet access at the College and the residences, free use of a laser printer, copier, and scanner at the College, and a community meal twice a week. Students must cover their remaining food expenses.

Residence costs are subject to local market conditions from year to year as the College does not own property.

Payment by Foreign students

Payment in foreign funds (US Dollars and Euros) is accepted at par with the Canadian dollar.


For official transcripts or other student record information, please email the registrar at registrar@augustinecollege.org.

Transcript fees are $15 for first time requests and $5 for each subsequent request within one year.

photo by Orin Zebest