Transfer of Credits

Augustine College operates on an academic par with many prestigious colleges and universities in Canada and the United States. As the Augustine College program is a fairly intensive one, some universities have given students who have completed both programmes (ANCIENT & MODERN) academic credit equivalent to more than a year of study. Thus far, the following colleges and universities have accepted Augustine College courses at full university credit value:


King’s University College (at UWO) London, Ontario
Redeemer University College Ancaster, Ontario
St. Francis Xavier University Antigonish, Nova Scotia (credits equivalent to more than a year)
St. Stephen’s University St. Stephen, New Brunswick
Trinity Western University Langley, BC (credits equivalent to more than a year)
Saint Paul University Ottawa, Ontario
Dominican University College Ottawa, Ontario


Baylor University Waco, Texas
Calvin College Grand Rapids, Michigan
Hope College Holland, Michigan (credits equivalent to more than a year)
Houghton College Houghton, New York
University of Chicago Chicago, Illinois
Wheaton College Wheaton, Illinois

Year by year we are extending this list. If there is a university of interest to an applicant that is not listed here we will gladly ask that school to examine a detailed syllabus and essay from the student to calculate what equivalence it would grant a student coming from Augustine College.


While Augustine College does offer courses equivalent in substance to university courses, it is not a university and does not offer a formal degree program. Though other colleges and universities do recognize Augustine College courses as course equivalents, these courses are devised by Augustine College and are not offered on behalf of any other institution.

photo by fdecomite