At Augustine College we welcome students from many Christian traditions, from inside the faith and out, from many educational backgrounds, from North America and abroad, from many points in life. We speak from experience in saying that anyone who sincerely desires to work and to learn will benefit from our courses.

Many of our students have been home-schooled. Many come from public schools. Still others come to us after earning other degrees, desiring to fill in what several years of study elsewhere did not give them.

Students come to us from every branch of the Christian faith. That we have no denominational connection frees us to let our students experience the wealth of their entire tradition in a spirit of unpressured understanding.

At Augustine College we have seen how much Evangelical and Catholic and Orthodox Christians have to teach each other about the path we have embarked upon together. We are thrilled to watch Christians grow in faith as they acquire a greater understanding of their past and their brethren.

At Augustine College we also welcome those who are unsure of their faith but who are fully prepared to seek as part of a Christian community.

photo by takomabibelot