Apologetics Canada
An informative blog featuring articles on faith and reason and information about apologetics events happening on the west coast.
Circe Institute
A leading provider of inspiration, information, and insight to classical educators throughout the U.S. and Canada
Touchstone Magazine
“A Journal of Mere Christianity” addressed to Christians of any and every denomination. Always accessible – a magazine well-worth subscribing to.
First Things
An interreligious, nonpartisan publication for “religiously informed public philosophy.” For excellent and thorough discussions, also worth subscribing to.
An innovative publication on "Sex, Science, Society" aimed at a new generation of waking minds.
The Image Journal
A literary and arts forum for writing and artwork informed by religious faith.
Intercollegiate Studies Institute
A non-profit, non-partisan, organization committed to educating citizens on the "values and institutions that sustain a free and humane society." A wealth of good material here.
Peter Kreeft
Free resources from a popular speaker and author gifted with the ability to make the riches of Christian thought intelligible.
St. Timothy’s Classical Academy
Co-founded by an Augustine College alumnus, an elementary school in Ottawa dedicated to providing an academically and morally exceptional education for Christian children.
Richard Dawkins & John Lennox Debate
The God Delusion
Dinesh D'Souza & Christopher Hitchens Debate
Is Christianity the Problem ?
Alasdair MacIntyre at University College Dublin
Academic moral philosophy of the twentieth century
Alasdair MacIntyre at Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture
A Culture of Choices and Compartmentalization