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Culture and Development John Patrick 45:22 CD $10
Darwin’s Influence on Medicine Today John Patrick 70:08 CD $10
The Driven Life without Purpose John Patrick 60:55 CD $10
Everyone Inhabits a Story John Patrick 61:11 CD $10
The Four Levels of Happiness John Patrick 55:22 CD $10
How Did We Get Here? John Patrick 58:47 CD $10
Meaning and Purpose in Medicine John Patrick 55:40 CD $10
The Myth of Moral Neutrality John Patrick 55:40 CD $10
Secularism Is Belief Too John Patrick 69:15 CD $10
The Sermon on the Mount John Patrick 107:34 2 CD $20
Pursuing Justice and Community: Hope for the Unborn * John Patrick 63:31 CD $10
The Truth that Hippocrates Knew John Patrick 43:45 CD $10
Why Development Doesn’t Work John Patrick 58:32 CD $10
Why There are No Hittites on the Streets of New York John Patrick 54:14 CD $10
The Ethics of the New Testament Edward Tingley 90:57 CD $10
Is Home-schooling Enough? Edward Tingley 53:00 CD $10
Is It Valued Or Is It Good? Edward Tingley 41:48 DVD $10
Nietzsche's Verdict on Enlightenment Ethics Edward Tingley 105:27 2 CD $20
Recognizing Postmodernism Edward Tingley 87:06 DVD $10
Thinking about Rights of Conscience Edward Tingley 51:21 DVD $10
Why Did the Ancients Have No Word for Values? Edward Tingley 146:10 2 CD $20
MP3 Compilation CD (John Patrick & Edward Tingley) details MP3 CD $20
* also known as Talking About Abortion In The Public Square Without Causing A Riot


The Sound of Hope Jeremy Begbie 208:43 2 DVD $50
The Pre-Modern Conscience in a Postmodern World J. Budziszewski 75:34 CD $10
Between Opinion and a Reasoned Faith: The Bible and Academic Freedom David L. Jeffrey 107:23 DVD $20
The Relationship between Science and Faith David Livingstone 73:13 CD $10


The Graeco-Roman Period (2010) details MP3 CD $50
Today’s World: Science, Medicine & Culture in an Age without Moral Consensus (2009) details MP3 CD $50
The Strange History of the Word Fact (2006) details MP3 CD $20
The Middle Ages (2003) details MP3 CD $20
The Graeco-Roman Period (2002) details MP3 CD $20
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