In Canada

Support Augustine College through the Augustine College Trust,
a non-profit charitable organization registered with Revenue Canada
(charitable no. 775313521 RR0002)

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Make scheduled or one time donations on-line,
or send cheques to:

Augustine College Trust
163 Fifth Avenue,
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
K1S 2M8

In the United States
You can support the College online through the American Friends of Augustine College (a 501(c)(3) organization)


Why Support Augustine College?

Augustine College is a financial success, by the terms in which we have been taught to measure success. These are the terms of the early church more than the ivy league.

This college is a countercultural undertaking. To retain its independence from every pressure that would conform it to the norm of higher education, such as it is today, the College receives no support from any government. Each year we must hit anew the financial target that will allow us to run for one more year.

And each year we have done so, with the help of our dedicated supporters.

Each year we count on the support of the Holy Spirit in the most concrete of ways and each year that support has materialized.

If you were among those the Spirit moved we thank you deeply for supporting our work.

The mission of this College has always been to educate Christians in the wealth of their own intellectual tradition and, in the most objective way possible, to tell the story of the ‘development’ from the ancient world (ever conscious of God) to the world of our day, so that our students might know what tools stand ready for use in support of God's Kingdom.

If you would like to join our community, pledged to the service of God through the mind – that blessed gift that allows us, alone in all God’s Creation, to know Him – please do so by way of the links above. We will be glad to add you to the growing list of those who are building this college up.

We will add all supporters to our mailing list, which will inform you of Augustine College events taking place throughout North America.

We continue in confidence, buoyed up by the grace of the Holy Spirit.
And we offer our heartfelt thanks to all who have contributed to what we do, in any way, and look forward with hope to what the Lord may yet have in store for us.