If people could know in advance the potential that Augustine has to change them, the school would be bursting at the seams. The classes have shown me more errors in my thinking about God, goodness, and life than my seven years of higher education. Finding people who are both spiritually vital and intellectually rigorous is a challenge, but the students and faculty here have defied all odds. While the courses are demanding, I love doing the work. It doesn’t feel like drudgery, as my biology classes did, and the material is infinitely more useful. The school has given me a new interest in art, a sense of Western history, and a theological makeover. I am looking forward to the rest of the semester!

J E N N I F E R   H O L M E S  |  2 0 0 8

My experience at Augustine has given me a very different perspective on the world around me.... I notice the lack of clarity and certainty in the reasoning of many people’s understanding of the world. The abandonment of truth and the wilful destruction of morality and beauty in our society are so much more evident to me now. At the same time Augustine has equipped me with the tools that will make it possible for me to combat these evils in my own life and in the world. I continue to be struck by the way in which our professors blend their recognition of the bleak reality of our world with a steady hope and faith that God is able to turn even our society back to Him.... I enjoy talking about my experience at Augustine. It was one of the best I’ve ever had and I will always count it as one of the major milestones of my life. God bless you and your work! My prayers will be with you.

A M Y  A N D E R S O N  |  2 0 0 3

I think about Augustine a lot; my year there was SO amazing! It's great to go to a secular college and know how to think about the information I'm being given, and also defend my views verbally without feeling like a moron.

S T E P H A N I E  H O U G H  |  2 0 0 8

Some excellent news ... the University of Alberta is giving me transfer credits for my year at Augustine ... by far the most challenging experience mentally in my life. I never imagined that something could be so horrific and wonderful at the same time. The intensity of the school was at times intolerable, but I would never have changed it. How else could they have fit all that information into a one-year program? My world-view has been expanded and transformed, leaving me looking at history and this culture with open eyes. Thank you again to the profs and everyone that makes Augustine tick.

C H A L L I S   E L K I N K  |  2 0 0 3

My year at Augustine was truly a blessing, and I continue to benefit from the intellectual, spiritual, and social formation fostered there.

T R A V I S   D U M S D A Y  |  2 0 0 1

Augustine College is where the historical community of intellectuals is studied by a delightful community of

J O S H U A   B U R N E T T  |  2 0 0 0

It scares me to think I almost didn’t come to Augustine College. My year could not have been better spent. It was an immense privilege to be taught by such highly learned, deeply wise, and above all very caring professors, who encouraged a great step in my quest towards an informed faith. And the best part is that I had such an awesome time doing it, making many friendships that will last a lifetime.

M I C H E L L E   H O F F M A N N  |  1 9 9 8

What made Augustine so incredible was the community of people that God called here: diverse but unified, excellent faculty mentors, and friends – the best I have ever found.

R A C H E L  J O H N S O N  |  1 9 9 8

Augustine is a beginning in rekindling lost brainpower after thirteen years in the public school system.

N AT A L I E   P A P A Z I A N  |  2 0 0 0

I haven’t written any of my professors to thank them for providing the gauntlet some call an education. I barely survived this last year. So here I am, sincerely thanking you. When I returned home last May I felt strangely out of place, and that feeling has not left me since. I realized in hindsight that Augustine was not so much an education in the sense I had originally known as much as a total deconstruction and reconstruction of prejudice, or ‘vision of the way things are,’ as Bloom aptly defines it, which I guess is what a real education is. Now that I have rebuilt the foundations I can begin furnishing the rooms of my mind – now that I have been pointed towards the best places to go....

S A M   M c L O U G H L I N  |  2 0 0 3

I can’t imagine not being aware of the depth of history, or the understanding that knowledge of this world can and should be fully integrated with the Christian faith.

B R O O K E   P E D E R S O N  |  2 0 0 0

I just wish that all of my friends could have the opportunity to experience what I did at Augustine…. It changed my life. I have a much deeper understanding of where this world has come from and also where it is going.

J O Y   H A N N A   |  2 0 0 2

Augustine college was one of the most worthwhile experiences of my life because it helped me develop critical thinking skills ... necessary for analyzing and evaluating ideas in order to further expose God’s truth to the world.

S O N J A   S P A E T Z E L  | 2 0 0 0

I have learned here at Augustine College that all truth is God’s truth, and that beauty belongs to Him as well, for He created all things. I have learned that Christianity is more that a set of rules; it is justice, friendship, a commitment to something far superior to our own powers of reason.

G R A H A M   M A N N   |  1 9 9 8

Augustine College is a high and it can be a bit of a challenge coming down.

E R I C A   R O E B B E L E N   |  2 0 0 6