Why Augustine College?

Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.   M A T T H E W    2 2 : 3 7

Today the world has great need of people who know what is good, are motivated to defend it, and can do so effectively and intelligently. Given the state of our culture a proper higher education is today a responsibility. Yet most young people will be misled about education and encouraged to think that its purpose is their own future security or the preparation for careers they will enjoy. Given that so many people will be lured away from the path of wisdom, the few who leave the crowd to walk that path are all the more important.

As Augustine of Hippo, namesake of this college, so long ago explained, the importance of studying what is “worthy of being remembered” is the quality of your understanding and the health of your soul.

God gave us minds that we might understand. It is a duty that each person use that gift of the mind.

The benefit of the understanding that you acquire at a good college will be felt by you and by all who know you. You will use that understanding in the service of the Lord. You will use it in the encounter with those who need the Lord, and because it is understanding – because the thing that you have been blessed to see is true – you will be able to speak to those who need and are ready to hear. Why Augustine College? Because this college was created to take seriously the duty of every Christian to use the mind that God has given them, learning what matters.

Despite what you may have heard it is really already clear to you that in the great scheme of things education is not primarily for getting jobs – that the greatest knowledge is not narrowly practical, oriented to making money.

The greatest knowledge is discovery of the wonder of God’s world – a world that tells of God. The greatest knowledge carries the awe of wisdom, truth, and the understanding of our purpose.

To love the Lord with the mind is to learn, so that you would know and speak for what is good, what is from the Lord. Why Augustine College? So that this precious time of education would not be squandered, letting you miss what God has given you a mind so as to see.

photo by Neil Cowley