Why go to Augustine College?

The world has need of people who know what is good, are motivated to defend it, and can do so effectively and intelligently.

Given the state of our culture, a sound and proper higher education is today a public responsibility.

Given the state of every human soul, renewal of the mind is a personal necessity.

Why Augustine College? — 7 reasons

1 | Because all who have minds are called to love the Lord with their minds — by using them, caring for them, by receiving the gift of understanding that God has offered to share with us.

2 | To take seriously the duty of every capable Christian to see things truly, with a mind cleared of the tarnish of the world. To see with the mind God gave us by learning from those who know (not the teachers but the giants on whose shoulders they stand).

3 | To learn how to think and how to think well — to have thinking too set on the rock of Christ. To ‘follow the Truth’ by acquiring a sound basis of thinking, laying down a foundation of the deepest insights, on the basis of which to think well, a reliable framework to which to fit all future learning at university and in the world.

4 | Because we are made to speak and before we can speak for what is good we must learn what is good: we cannot serve God and our brothers and sisters with illusions. (Ask yourself if you are strong in your understanding of things that you care about, like truth, justice, love. — Is it not possible to become strong?)

5 | So that we would not be conformed to the world in the ways that we think. So we would shed the world’s categories and let in the light — and see what clarity has been given us instead of wallowing in uncertainty and accustoming ourselves to the darkness of the world, like average modern people.

6 | So that this precious time of education would not be wasted, dedicated simply to job training or the pursuit of personal interests when there are these other things to think about (scan this list again). — So that we would not think about ‘benefit’ only in terms of career and job prospects. The benefit of the understanding that you acquire at a good college will be felt by you and by all who know you.

7 | So that we would be faithful, so that we would be Christians, having counted it important to learn to think like God’s people.